Krazy coupon lady deals at target this week 3/8

Very disappointed to hear that they are even considering taking away the free Friday coupon for their regular loyal customers, this is a huge perk. There are times I feel that the coupons listed are the items they are pushing or trying to get rid of but not practical or desired items.

It makes me sad. I think they would have had the RX bar as the freebie last week but had to pull it because of the recall. Hopefully they get back to having one every Friday! I know many look forward to it! I agree with the HUGE focus on organic everything and clicklist coupons offered. I am over browsing through so many coupons that I will not use. Even when I filter out the clicklist coupons…many still show. I figure that is intentional, to push their promotion down my throat. I like to shop and pick out my own groceries.

The physical shoppers to have to relearn the store. I have one foot out the door.

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No free Friday again. Not only no free Friday but no two day sale items in my Kroger of course no rain checks either. I can try again tomorrow but why should I have to try again?

The entire point of a raincheck is an apology for the inconvenience of not having it in the first place so you having to come back tomorrow instead with no guarantee is an even bigger inconvenience. Sometimes mine will say customer service is closed already, they give out the rainchecks and you can get one from them tomorrow. Again, no Free Friday. Or press my luck with click list. None of these sound optimal. And if anyone from Kroger happens to be reading this- you really need to stop hiding behind your union and pay your employees sick time as required by arizona law.

A real shame about the freebies being reduced to twice a month? This was a good way to get me to come back.

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Oh well. I like to eat apples and oranges.

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You know fruit and veggies. Grapes that have started to mold.

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I like the Free Friday download too. But getting good high quality fruit out weighs a free candy bar. Also more and more only Kroger brand items are being stocked. Shelves and freezers have vacant spaces! The produce section is well-stocked and has eye appeal!! Two-day coupon offers are not in stock and NO rainchecks till late the last day — and why should I have to make a second trip back??!! Also our two stores cannot keep a good-working staff!

Kroger will NOT allow any competitor to buy a building that Kroger had preiously occupied and continues to own — vacant! Something is VERY wrong!!!

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Why has thier been no free friday for a while. If u have stoped it than u need to take everything down concering it. Thier are alot of pople who look foward to free fridays. Customers always act like I was the one that personally decided against it this week and get confrontational. A few want to see a manager. Another week without it is now too much. Over a year ago, Kroger was panicked about the Amazon stores with their self check out carts and home deliveries, so hence all the FM remodels. They widened the isles to allow for click list carts and customers that had said they desired to get in and out ASAP including not getting trapped by back up in isles.

Another reason we had no mass hirings like we usually do seasonally. As an employee, we all discuss they are fazing out more actual employees in more than just the checkout process. Lovedthe Sunday ads as that was my shopping day and FM was my first and sometimes only stop.

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Albertsons and Safeway are closer, and since ads break all on the same day they are now my first stops. Now with thempretty much canceling freebie friday, no real reason to visit them on the weekend either. Too bad to see such an icon losing its appeal. They got rid of senior Tuesday now free Friday is gone.

Check my shopping card, Krogers. From 15 times a month shopping there to once a month. I can pay high prices anywhere.

I can live without a weekly free sample of yogurt, candy, energy bar, sports drink, etc. Kroger is not the least expensive, but I started paying more for other items to get the Free Friday, coupon savings, and the gas points. Also, being a single senior citizen buying 5 of items is not a saving for me because I have no room or need for bulk items.

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